21st Century Technology

The L.I.F.E Bio feedback tens system is a non invasive pain free device that evaluates many systems and functions of the body while you sit in a comfortable recliner. Information about those functions are fed back to the computer. Corrections can then be made helping your body heal itself.

The ability to “computer link” with the client at biological speeds offers a profound new advance for measuring the imbalances in the body. Imbalances are brought on by obstacles to health which include, parasites, viruses, bacteria, yeast, poor eating habits, addictions such as tobacco and alcohol, poor lifestyle habits and geopathic stress of home or workplace.

Obstacles to health or stress starts in the body by producing an alarm response in the person which will in tern provoke symptoms of a disease. If the stress continues, the body will go into adaptation mode which displays no symptoms. However lack of symptoms cannot be considered a sign of good health. A person can have a serious disease and still be symptom free. Stress reduction of the body should be at the center of everyone’s attention until balance, good health, peace, and tranquility have been established.

Supplements help support what corrections have been made. Your supplement need is based on your area of imbalance and weaknesses. The goal is to get you functioning optimally. The healthier you become the fewer supplements your body will need.