Good Nutrition for Good Health

We’ve all heard the expression “You are what you eat.” (Those of us who live on a steady diet of soda and cheeseburgers cringe every time we hear it!) Did you also know, “You are what you don’t eat?” Our bodies require certain foods to keep them functioning properly, and when we skip the fruits and veggies, we pay for it with our health. This is not to say you should never eat another doughnut…the goal is to achieve and maintain balance: There’s more to eating well than just cutting down on junk food.

Nutrition is the study of the effect of food on your body. Good nutrition is necessary for your body’s growth, maintenance, function and repair; the lack of sufficient nutrients in your body can lead to fatigue, stress, mal-nutrition and even disease. In fact, many ailments are directly traceable to either poor nutrition or the ingestion of toxins. However, good nutrition can combat these illnesses and reverse their effects on your body. Understanding what constitutes good nutrition is an important step towards eating, feeling and living well; nutritional counseling helps heal many health problems and chronic illnesses.