Why I Chose This Path

Dear Readers,

Because I have been practicing for over twenty years in the wholistic health field one of the most frequently asked questions is “what lead me in this direction.” Like most people I had health issues I needed to get a handle on. I knew commonly practiced medicine was not useful for my allergies and chronic conditions. I needed real answers to real problems.

After following many people to the health food store to try this supplement or that remedy with little success I received a formal education in naturopathy and nutrition. My education didn’t stop there. Continuing research led me to many interesting and wise people. My mentor is a woman who as a young person was a hairdresser and had TB. The medicine of the day had no answers. Yes, she died as we all do, but she worked until the day she died, at the age of 106, as a naturopathic doctor. As a friend of mine is fond of saying “Way to go girl!” When I first learned of Dr. Hazel Parcells, I discovered my philosophies mirrored hers. Here was a woman with real answers to all health issues. I have created a simple effective way to help you regain your health, as I have mine.


Janet Draves

“Healing should take place softly, gently and with peace and tranquility. Let the healing proceed, do not try to force it.”